Voluntary Surrenders

If you’ve determined that you’re unable to afford to maintain repayments on your vehicle and are considering voluntarily surrendering it to your finance company or debt purchaser, one potential option, which has worked for many of our customers in the past, is to consider utilising the services of an organisation such as Car House Australia, who purchase vehicles for commercial re-sale.

We assist many finance companies and debt collection agencies looking to provide a holistic solution to their customers by offering more options than JUST repossession. You’d need to do your own due-diligence in relation to this option but our offering almost always results in a similar or better price paid to the seller or debt holder compared to what would be achieved at auction. Repossession fees, auction fees and further interest until sold are some of the main reasons why our prices are better than auction, once repossession fees are deducted from the sale price.

Further, this option will save you the time and effort of selling the car privately and it will be the quickest resolution to your account.

Car House Australia will;

Provide an upfront, no obligation quote and will generally come and inspect the vehicle within 24 hours and give you a confirmed purchase price at your door;

Usually have the vehicle picked up, with proceeds paid to the secured party directly and within 48 hours after acceptance is signed.

What’s in it for you;

  • A better price obtained than if the vehicle gets repossessed and sold at auction
  • No hassle, all done at the sellers home/premises
  • No need to visit local dealers and haggle, negotiate
  • Quick – quote within 24 hours, cash within 24 hours of agreeing sale
  • No embarrassment of the potential repossession of the vehicle
  • No difficult private sale or negotiating with different car dealers for a price
  • Control and no humiliation during what is a difficult period
  • The calls from collectors stop